Banana/Plantain milkshake.. also called Banana Cream

This is one from my past again, yeah yeah, I know… I’m back on the nostalgia track yet again.. but I just have to put this one up, I just remembered it when mom happened to mention it today. It seems silly that I’d forgotten about it, coz it’s such a simple thing, but I suppose we all forget the simpler things in life most often, than the complicated ones. It’s a delightful drink, especially for kids. For me, it’s like finding lost love.. hehe.. I know how silly that comparison sounds.. but that’s how it is, I used to be in love with it as a kid. So here’s my long lost, and found, or remembered ratherBanana cream

Ripe plantains, 2
Cold milk, 4 cups
Sugar, 3tbsp
Vanilla essence, 2 drops

  • Cook the plantain in a steamer, with the skin on, for about 10-15 minutes. Let it cool.

  • Blend this with the remaining ingredients in a mixer, to make a smooth paste.

  • Serve warm or cold!! It’s yummy either way!