Chocolate Silk Pudding

There is no use debating with me on one topic: Chocolate. It is the ultimate joy, the best friend through breakups and breakdowns, the one true love. I refuse to accept otherwise.

In fact, my chocolate obsession has led me to actually walk around swinging a tote bag that reads 'Chocolate does not ask silly questions. Chocolate understands.' :D Yes, I am obsessed.

ANYWAY, back to the topic at hand.

I have been craving something that is chocolatey, soft, cold and creamy. And the answer to that? Pudding! Here is my version of chocolate silk pudding. This recipe has been adapted from a cooking magazine.

This recipe serves 6-8 people. (If you are someone like me, this recipe serves one. :P )
Cooking time: 45 minutes


Milk - 1 1/2 cups
Sugar - 14 TBSP.
Cocoa powder - 4 TBSP.
Vanilla essence - 2 tsp
Eggs - 3 (Room temperature)
Gelatin - 3 tsp.
Water - 6 TBSP.
Melted butter - 1/2 tsp.
Whipped cream (Optional)
Sliced strawberries (Optional)

Separate the egg whites from the yolks.
Beat the yolks with 10 TBSP sugar till soft and creamy. Add one tsp vanilla essence.
In a separate vessel, beat the cocoa powder and remaining 4 TBSP sugar till well-combined.
Strain this mixture into the yolk mixture through a sieve and combine.
In a pan, heat water till boiling. Place the vessel with the egg mixture over this (Double boil method).
Cook this till thick and creamy. The perfect consistency should coat the back of a spoon.)
Let this cool completely.
While it cools, heat the 6 TBSP water in a pan and add the gelatin to this.
Add the gelatin to the cooled mixture.
Beat the egg whites till soft peaks form, then add the remaining 4 TBSP sugar and vanilla essence and combine.
Fold this into the yolk mixture and fold in gently till well mixed.
Grease desired dish with butter, pour in the mixture, and let set overnight.
Serve cold, either topped with whipped cream, strawberries or vanilla ice cream.