Vendakka Pachadi

Lady's finger gives a variety of options.. this one is quite popular around Malabar.

Lady’s finger (Vendakka)  250gms
Thick curd   ½ litre
Grated coconut   ½ cup
Green chillies  4-5
Salt to taste
Mustard  1tbsp

For seasoning:
Coconut oil  1tbsp
Mustard ½ tsp
Dry red chillies  2, broken into pieces
Curry leaves 2 sprigs


  • Cut the lady’s finger into ½ inch pieces. Deep fry it in oil. Move it on to a tissue paper to remove excess oil
  • Grind the coconut and green chillis coarsely (couple of spins in the mixer would do), add the mustard and spin some more (the mustard shouldn’t get ground – just crush it lightly)
  • Pour the mix into a bowl, add required amount of salt
  • Add the fried lady’s finger to it
  • Heat the oil for seasoning, add the seasoning ingredients one by one – mustard, red chillis and curry leaves
  • Pour this on top of the pachadi
  • Serve with rice and dhal