Caramel Pudding

This is my all time favorite dessert, to make as well as to eat... Its always got compliments from everyone who's had it.

Eggs  10
Milk   ½ litre
Sugar  2 teacups
Vanilla essence  ½ teaspoon
Sugar  4 tablespoon (to caramelize)

Beat eggs well. Add sugar & mix well. Add ½ litre milk (milk should just warm, not hot & not cold). Add vanilla essence. Mix well. Now strain this through a strainer and pour into another bowl. Now heat a thick bottomed non-stick pan. When its really hot, add sugar (4 tablespoon) let it melt until it is a light brown color, don’t add water, keep stirring. Immediately turn off the gas. Take a mould that has been brushed with ghee or butter. Pour caramel into it. Keep aside for 3 minutes to set. Now pour the egg mixture. It should only come to ¾th of the mould. Cover the top of the mould with aluminum foil or butter paper. Steam this for ½ an hour in a steamer. Once it’s cooked, turn it on to a plate. Keep in the refrigerator (not freezer) and serve cold, with some caramel poured on it.